Mandala is an ancient art of wholeness and harmony.

These workshops combine the unique art of rock painting and the sacred and spiritual art of Mandalas.

Looking deep within your soul we reignite your creative side connecting with the sacral chakra and allowing your creative juices to flow!  All workshops are held in a safe and supportive environment.

The workshop focuses on both mindfulness and meditation to bring you into the present and helping you let go of ego.

Working with Rocks as a canvas we can feel more connected to Mother Earth, this makes the workshops sensory on every level.

Mandala Rock painting workshops help with the following:

  • Still the mind
  • Set & manifest intentions
  • Become more present
  • Release emotion
  • Open up creativity
  • Connect with both the feminine & masculine within us
  • Work through blockages and life questions
  • Mindfulness

All materials are supplied.

The Art of Mindulness
Sample overview
learn how to become mindful, freeing your mind from distraction and chatter and focusing on the present moment. I encourage people to work intuitively and ego free, allow the juicy creative flow to come forth.

I am a big believer in mindfulness and movement meditation and I find both these skills are awakened when painting Mandalas. 


Children’s rock painting workshops are a wonderful way to engage the children’s senses whilst getting creative and watch the children get lost in their masterpieces as head, heart and hand work together.
Children from pre-school age upwards can be involved in one of our workshops from rock bugs to mediative mandala, garden décor rocks to rock hearts and everything in between.
Hayley has worked with commuNIty projects, schools and individual groups facilitating these workshops and holding a safe place for children to relax and be creative without judgement.

Sample Session Outline.

Mandalas can be used in many ways, for different purposes. Below is a sample session that can be adapted for different workshops

1.5-3hrs depending on time allowance

  • Arrival to creative music, incense to awaken the senses
  • Introduction to each other
  • Brief history on the scared Mandalas
  • Mindfullness and mandalas
  • How to paint your mandala tools used
  • Meditation
  • Intention setting (such as to be more creative, to give myself time etc)
  • Paint time!
  • Reflection
  • Colour meanings
  • Meditation to end.


To book a Mandala rock painting workshop at your next retreat or gathering please contact us using this button to the right ->.
Workshops can be tailored to compliment the needs and purpose of your group.

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