Lets get creative, lets get outdoors. LETS ROCK!

For over 3 years now I have been painting rocks. Watching children fall in love our story stones, taking part in the world rock drop projects and hosting workshops.
Let's spread love, let's rock Australia's hearts!
Show us your hearts! Hide seek or just rock drop!

*********HOW IT WORKS*********
The idea is to get creative, get outside and have fun with this hide and seek project.

Painted heart rocks can be hidden or just dropped around Australia by members of this group. Please take a photo of your rock and upload it to this group, along with the park, reserve or child friendly space that they are located. Members in the area can then go on a rock hunt, find them, post their find and re-hide them at another location. The fun keeps going!

*********GET INVOLVED*********

*Use pebbles that are not polished
*Get creative with your design
*Acrylics and Permanent makers are the best
*Write ROCKING ❤️ AU [F] on the back so people who find them can join in the fun
* Don’t forget to seal your rocks back and front to keep them weatherproof
You can use any paint sealer ( I love Jo Sonjas Gloss )
*Once dry, you are ready to take a photo of your creation, post it here and the location you have hidden it!

*********HUNTING & FINDING ROCKS**************
Search in the group for your local suburb, park or reserve to see if a rock is hiding there!
Don’t forget to check the comments to make sure they haven’t yet been found!

Excellent, take a photo of your success! I’m sure the artist would love to see that their work has be found.
Now you can either re-hide the rock in the same, or even a different location ( please comment re-hidden) Don’t forget to post the photo and new location if you re-hiding them elsewhere!
Or you can keep the rock and take it home, just comment that is no longer available.