New in store - Children's Meditation Stones!

About mediation stones:

I have spent nearly 3 years watching children play with story stones and beach pebbles.

I watch how they are mesmerised by the feel of them, the shape, weight and texture, how they can feel cool to the touch or warm after lying in the sun absorbing the heat.

I watch how they look at the colours and pictures.

Pebbles awaking the senses.

Children are naturally curious, they are naturally mindful, but with so much interference in today’s world it can be hard to get back to be into the moment.

With my experience in mindfulness, meditation and mandala painting. I wanted to merge these two together and create something special for children.

I researched great mindfulness masters and different types of children's meditation, along with this and my participation in kundalini yoga which involves many beautiful mantras.

I decided to create a few simple mantras that can be practiced anywhere. To help visualize these mantras, In addition I created four pebbles to help visualize these mantras.

These meditation stones are created to instill great self-belief and love within the child. It is a special time to just sit with them, to be clam and present with them. 

Can you imagine the impact if every day your child repeated these mantras?I believe it would make a difference. I hope you do too.

Each pebble is hand painted with water colours to create a unique marbling effect and sealed with a protective layer.

You can buy them here!